Ginger Cat Quilting Studio offers for rental a non-robotic 22” Innova Mach3 Lightning Stitch machine with Pantovision.


Lightning Stitch is the best, most accurate stitch regulator on the market. Pantovision allows you to load a design on the Microsoft Tablet that sits above the handles and you move the head along with a cross hair on the tablet, similar to a video game. For those with good hand/eye coordination from practice with your kids’ video consoles, this can be a fun way to get your quilt quilted. For those who need more real-life feedback, a paper pantograph that lies at the back of the machine may be your cup of tea. Note: We do not stock any paper pantographs. You are welcome to bring your own pattern with you. There are thousands of patterns available online for you to download and print out or have one mailed to your home. This gives our customers the best flexibility in choosing the PERFECT design for your special project and keeps our costs down.

Beginner’s Longarm Class

  • The class lasts 3 hours
  • These are one-on-one classes scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. Weekend and evening hours are available.

The topics/hands-on items covered in these sessions are:

  • How to thread the machine properly
  • How to wind a bobbin and insert the bobbin into the longarm
  • How to attach your backing, batting and quilt top to the frame using Red Snappers
  • How to start and stop the machine properly
  • How to align and use a pantograph (if you are using a paper pantograph)
  • How to use the Pantovision program
  • How to “do your own thing” (custom quilting at a basic level)

We provide the thread and bobbins and all accessories needed machine side. If you have a favorite pair of snips, feel free to bring those along. Dont’ forget glasses for those of you who need them. Some people only need them to thread the needle, but it will save you time and frustration if you can see the eye of the needle clearly.

You will have time with a practice quilt. Please bring muslin or practice fabric for both a top and the backing. We will supply the batting for an additional fee, but you may bring your own batting as well. Please make sure when selecting a fabric for your practice piece, that your backing is 10″ longer and 10″ wider than your quilt top fabric. Your batting (if bringing your own) should be 8″ wider and 8″ longer than your quilt top piece. Please make sure you have cut these to the proper size before arriving in class.  If you have not done this, it will take away time that you would otherwise be able to practice on the machine. This is a practice piece! More than likely you will give it to your dog to lie on when completed. Do not expect a Work of Art after completing this class. This is to get you comfortable with the machine and to get used to custom or pantograph “steering”.

Longarm Rentals:

If it has been over 6 months since your last rental session with us, you will be required to take the Beginner’s Longarm Class.

If you are an experienced quilter who no longer owns their own longarm machine or you have been renting a machine from another location, please speak with one of our Ginger Cat artists and we can determine if you will need to take the Beginner’s Longarm Class before renting a machine.

Our sessions begin at 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM. They last 3 hours in length. You may arrive prior to your scheduled time and begin loading your quilt if the session renter before you is no longer on the machine. If you are not able to complete your quilt in the session time you have reserved and the next session after is booked by another customer, we will help you remove the project from the frame and keep it safe for you until you can book another session. There is a $20 charge for this service  as getting the project properly loaded onto the frame will require the help of a GCQS artist and this does take time to set up for proper realignment both horizontally and vertically. If you begin your project in an afternoon session, you may want to consider booking the next morning’s session as well. Your project will be left on the frame overnight and you can begin exactly where you left off the day before.

If the machine is not reserved and you need more time to complete your quilt, you may rent at the hourly rate of $25, but for best experience, reserve enough session time so you are not rushed and do not have to remove your project from the quilting frame.

We require a $30 deposit at the time of your rental reservation for each session. This deposit will transition to a cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your rental session.

We do not allow children to observe sessions. However, you may allow a friend over 18 to  come along for help, ideas, and moral support. They cannot quilt on your project unless they have also completed the Beginner’s Longarm Class or received a waiver from GCQS as experienced quilters.

Those under 18 who wish to rent a longarm machine, must have a parent/guardian accompany them to the studio and fill out a permission acknowledgment and an injury release. The parent/gurardian must also attend the Beginner’s Longarm Class with the student (for an additional $60 classroom fee — $120 total for parent and student). There is no minimum age, however the maturity of the young person will be assessed by GCQS on an individual basis and GCQS reserves the right to refuse machine access to a young person that the artist feels is not able to properly and safely operate the machine.  Only those students judged to be mature enough to handle the machine without direct supervision of a GCQS artist will be allowed to rent. A parent/guardian may accompany the student during rental sessions as long as that parent/guardian has previously attended the Beginner’s Longarm Class. Some younger students may be allowed to rent but a parent MUST be in attendance the entire session and that parent MUST have attended the Beginner’s Longarm Class.

Renters (of all age) will be required to sign a release acknowledging that they are operating the longarm machine at their own risk and they release Ginger Cat Quilting Studio from any damages- either to themselve or to their projects.

Renters agree to pay for any repairs or replacement of parts damaged while in operation caused by the renter.

The rental fee includes one new needle. Additional needles may be purchased if you break a needle.There is a thread fee. The cost for thread depends on the size of your project and the density of the quilting. This ranges between $3-$10 for the top thread and $1.50 per bobbin.

Please dress appropriately for working with a machine. No loose jewelry, scarves. Please keep long hair/bangs back away from your face and the machine for safety. Please clean your area at the end of your session.

We have a clean, bright lunch room with a refrigerator, toaster oven and microwave. Please feel free to bring your lunch and/or snacks especially if you are doing both morning and afternoon sessions. Except for full day sessions which have a 30 minute break allowed as part of the rental fee, breaks for eating are still part of your rental time. If you wish to buy lunch out, there are several fast food options within 5 minutes of the studio. However, to maximize your machine time, we advise you to bring your food with you. We have complimentary bottled water, sodas, hot tea and coffee.

Fast Start Service

(This is only available to renters who have already completed the Beginner’s Longarm Class)

If you are renting a longarm machine and would like to get “right to it” on your arrival, we offer a FAST START SERVICE.

The cost is $20 in addition to your machine rental.

It includes loading of your quilt backing, batting and quilt top onto the frame before your arrival. Threading of the machine in your thread color choice. Winding of bobbins for your project based on the density pattern you have chosen.

The backing, batting (if you are bringing your own batting) and the quilt top must be dropped off at least 24 hours in advance. At this time, you can choose your thread color and let us know how densely you will be quilting your quilt so we have adequate bobbings wound and ready for you.

This is an optional service, but it does give you more time quilting on the day of your rental.