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Innova Needle bar and quilting

Ginger Cat Quilting Studio is a new concept in the quilting industry. We have a modern, clean facility with each machine in its own office. There’s a cubicle area that has a sewing machine and supplies for that last minute fix up of your quilt top or putting together that backing that you just bought (from us or from another store). We have a separate area just for boxing and unboxing the tops and finished quilts that are sent to us. We have a desktop for use by our customers so you can view ALL the edge-to-edge designs we have on the Autopilot robotic quilting system. You pick out the best design for your creation or let one of our longarm artists help you choose. We have a light, bright cutting/fabric room where we have a selection of wide backings, including soft and cozy cuddle fabrics, along with many bolts of the Frond Design Studio artisan designed fabric line. Currently we carry Pellon Nature’s Touch Bamboo and both black and white Hobbs 80/20. Custom batting choices available. You may calculate your approximate cost using the pricing guide below. For a detail quote please contact Ginger Cat Quilting Studio at: (636) 265-0122. We will be happy to help you arrange for your quilt top to be shipped to us. At that time, we will take your credit card information over the phone, but will not charge your card until your quilting project has been completed and it is ready to ship to you.


Other shops  charge less for quilting? Why do you charge what you do?

  • We use top of the line robotic Innova Autopilot longarm machines. Their stitch quality and precision is superb. Why do you pay more for a Mercedes than a Subaru?
  • Our longarm quilt artists provide design services at no extra charge.They will show you dozens of edge-to-edge samples quilted out in different sizes. If you prefer something else, they will sit with you at our design computer and show you hundreds of edge-to-edge designs that we have in our Autopilot system. Designs can be skewed, resized, moved closer together, overlapped, flipped, mirrored and more. They will put in your dimensions and design the edge-to-edge with you until you are happy the quilting will enhance your quilt top to its fullest. Our design service is also available for those who mail us their tops. We will email you designs or work with Skype to do a live session.
  • We do not have a “thread” charge. Others shops charge as much as $35 for thread. We do charge $1/bobbin. This covers the extra labor to wind bobbins. Some quilts take 4 bobbins others may require 20 for a dense pattern.

Why are there different prices for Edge-to-Edge?We have several hundred patterns to choose from and we allow you to reduce or enlarge most patterns, the resulting amount of time that your quilt is on the frame can double or triple the stitching time, depending on the complexity of the design. Even a simple edge-to-edge pattern may be charged at different price tiers if it has been reduced in size considerably, resulting in double or even triple the stitches from the original. We give you maximum design flexibility with our design services, but we do need to charge more when a quilt takes longer to be completed.

What do you press when you charge $10 for pressing the quilt top or backing : (This is an add-on charge. If your quilt requires this it will be added to your charges.) We will carefully press (not iron!) if it arrives at the studio with fold lines, wrinkles or bunches that cannot be smoothed out by being placed on the frame. A well pressed top/back that is carefully folded and has not had heavy objects placed on it or having been left folded for an extended period will normally not require extra pressing.

We will not repress the back of your quilt and redo how your seams are pressed! If you have not used a pressing/sewing technique that minimizes bulk in the seams and where seams cross- there can be A LOT of bulk. This can occasionally create a small bubble, or a wonky stitch in the thickest areas. This is not an error on our part. If you are happy with how your quilt was sewn and pressed—we are too. But realize the results on a bulkier quilt may not be as ideal as it would be on one where bulk had been reduced with pressing techniques.

Why do you need to charge a thread snipping fee? (This is an add-on charge only where needed.) We’re quilters! We know that snipping threads when you are in the throes of creativity may not be at the height of your priorities. However, when you have darker threads, whether sewing threads or loose threads that have unraveled from the fabric itself that lie underneath lighter colored fabrics—THEY CAN SHOW through the quilt. This can really look pretty tacky. If we see that there are a few threads, we gladly clip those free of charge. If we see that due to “a creative spirit” or the type of fabric you used ravels quite a bit, we will trim threads as we advance it on the frame. We can’t guarantee you we will get everyone, but we sure will try! This takes time and we need to charge for this service when there are considerable amounts of threads that need to be trimmed.

 Why do I need more fabric for the backing and also the batting than the size of my quilt top?We need 10″ or more extra backing in both the length and the width. One reason is we need extra backing and batting because these are drawn up in the quilting process. We also need room to use clamps to hold the sides of the quilt sandwich from sagging at the sides between the frame rollers. There is also extra fabric needed to put the quilt backing on the frame rollers.

Why is there a bunch of weird stitching in the sides beyond my quilt top? As these edges are normally cut off and discarded, we use this area to test tension with each bobbin to ensure any issues are caught on a scrap and not on your quilt top. So when you get your quilt back, don’t be dismayed by the weird stitching on the sides. Trim as usual at the edges of the quilt top and all will look wonderful.

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